Minggu, 22 November 2015

    Get Fun on Car Free Day Jakarta

           Car Free Day or well-known as CFD in Jakarta is a day where car and motorcycle are prohibited around some spots. The purpose is to let the public enjoy the freedom of Jakarta's land either to bicycling, rooler-skating, group jogging, skate boarding, aerobic group, etc. In fact, CFD is really unique because you will see a lot of new things around. Some even bring their cute pet!

    One of the owner,

           The CFD location is along the way Senayan to Monas. CFD itself is also used as a place to hold events, like the photo above, we were conducting a campain on World AIDS day. Not only for events such as the campaign alone, but many also are building a mini stage and singing (rent is available too). Also do not worry if you feel thirsty there, you will find it very easy to buy a drink and food because there are many vendors along the road.

           Other thing for fun is also you can rent a bicycle. You will not be boring there for 100%. Some of people even not afraid to wear a costume such as Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Naruto, etc cartoon thing. That is why, you are really should try to visit CFD on Sunday! It is easy to reach the location, you can tranport by bus TransJakarta and stop at Monas or Bunderan HI. It is way better if you feel free to ask the security or driver too.

          Car Free Day in Jakarta is held every Sunday from 06:00 to 11:00 pm, the location along the way Senayan - HI Roundabout - Monas. For the two-wheeled vehicle can be parked in IRTI Monas, Plaza Senayan, Ratu Plaza, Market Lower Dam, and other nearby locations.

    Museum Always be a Good Place to Escape from Life or Even....... Photo Session?

           Throwback to Saturday when my day off came! I have to admit my weekday working too crazy and i need a escape plan. So i choose Saturday to do it.
    Here came the day! So, In the first place the plan will be my – ‘me time’. Right after i visit a Young on Top’s seminar with the talker is Dayu Dara Permata, as a co-founder Gojek. It was inspired 2 hours talking about creative idea and communication. For a next blog, i am gonna tell you what Gojek is and you will be excited to try it!

          Come back to my seminar.  after visited it, I went to Museum Galerry National Indonesia, which is located right after station of Gambir. On the way there, i received a text from my  high school bestie asked where i was and what i gonna did for my Saturday night. I told her i was gonna have my me time in museum and she finally joined me after i persuade her with this sentence ‘we would have so much picture for new profile picture and instagram’s post’ Well, pardon me but having a good accompany would be great.

           Frankly my iPhone went to low battery and about going to die when i was texting. So i told my friend i would look for a place to charge my phone and asked her to wait in her home until i was arrived and could call her.

          Then BOOOMMMMMMM! My iPhone died and i arrived in Museum Gallery National. I was thinking any if situation like, what if i charged my iPhone in museum and nearest stop contact but what if i couldnt find it or what if i charged my iPhone in Security post asked them to charged it with a please-help-me face.

          I was walking and then i found the paradise, my oasis in my desert. The Restaurant. Actually i am afraid that i couldnt afford it. Because i only got about IDR 35.000 in my pocket but thanks God i saw the banner written a toast only IDR 10.000

           So, i asked the waiter where i could put my charger and he gave me a place near to the fence. The Restaurant is simple and homely. The waiter were nice and food is delicious, i even order ayam penyet in here. After i got my phone charged i told my friend that i am here and had conversation with waiter while waiting my phone is charged at least for 60%.

           I told the waiter that i was going to enter the museum and i want to take pictures so the battery should be full and he responsed as an coincidence and told me men  those had group conversation whose seat near to us, one of them is the painter whose have his own exhibiton in the central of building.
    It was my pleasure! I had a pict with him. Here’s.

    One of the owner,

    Lets visit the museum!

           Museum Gallery Nasional of Indonesia consisted of 2 Building. The main building is for temporary exhibition and on the main building’s side there’s be a small buiding for permanent exhibition.

           First exhibition that i took is permanent exhibition. First time when i entered the building its a well organized.The Security is trained to limitated the visitors because its not a main building, so if all the visitors is well welcomed, it will full of people and its not comfortable. So, securites devided visitors into 2 parts. The firs twenty visitor will be welcomed first and then the rest will be wait. They are given 30 minutes to take a pict and look around permanent exhibitions. Museum also has deposit box where you can put your bag safetly.  I didnt have any pictures because it pretty crowded.

    The inside was comfortable and cool with the air conditioner. 

    Here's some art with me taken pictures. mind my narsism :p 

    Thanks to security that had taken a good picture. 

    After we visited permanent exhibition, we take a rest and saw a painted wall. it must be youth's art work. we decided to take more pictures.

    The last but not least, we entered the temporary exhibition. man that own those painting took a picture of me in previous senteces.

    You wont be dissapointed. So just come and prove my words!

    Galeri Nasional Indonesia

    Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No. 14

    Jakarta 10110 - Indonesia
    Telephone: (021) 34833954 ; 3813021
    Facsimile: (021) 3813021
    E-mail: galeri.nasional@kemdikbud.go.id

    The open hours : Thursday - Sunday (09.00 - 16.00) Its free!

    Kamis, 19 November 2015

    Hello Travelers!
    We have finally done editing some of our articles and here we are with some new information at some topics. So, here are the list of the article's update:
    1. http://explorejakartanow.blogspot.co.id/2015/10/strawberry-cafe-lets-rock.html
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    3. http://explorejakartanow.blogspot.co.id/2015/10/mangga-dua.html
    4. http://explorejakartanow.blogspot.co.id/2015/10/thousand-island.html

    Please feel free to ask and comment some additional information if you have some. All the pleasure is ours!

    Minggu, 15 November 2015

    Finally, We're Back !

           Yes, we are back ! Sorry guys for dissapearing the whole time. We were really busy with our mid-exam! In fact as always whenever we face any exam, there will be absolutely the panda-eyes over us. Sounds cliche and pretty desperate, huh? Phew. I bet some of you got a same panda-eyes problem though. 

           But however, exam weeks is over ! We did it very well of course with a hard work. From anti-book we turned into a book-lover, we also chatted everyday sharing about brainy thing, late sleep and wake up early, it was like as if there were a "Super" liquid that runs into our blood. I am sure most of you guys also suddenly became "Super" at brainy thing whenever exam is on the season. Well, to ensure you guys, you can see the struggle in here, look.

    Current Time : 7.28 PM
    Exam Deadline Time : 7.30 PM

           It is Linda guys, she was the only one who left at the exam room while everyone has done. I could feel the pressure just by seeing her. And I believe none of you would like to experience this kinda little-heart-attack situation. Even all she said was "I'm Fine" after finished the exam, we barely trust her up until now but let us pray for our best ! And yes, Linda, sorry for teasing you or even worse hahaha. But we love you anyway. The other thing, we also did celebrate Linda's little birthday !

    From left to right :
    Lisa, Linda, Jessica

           We wish you guys could see the candle because it was so funny. It is a useless wish since we can not even see it lol. It was Linda's 20th birthday, by the picture you can see that she was making a wish. And that was an extremely secret wish. None of us know it too hahaha. This older-little-lady really succed to make us sick of curious *pokepoke*. Also thank you for our beloved friend, Gatra, he was an amazing camera-man !

           So guys, once again we are back! We will post more and more interesting things to guide you around Jakarta. Feel free to comment and participate. Or even ask things surrounds. See you and keep updated !

    Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2015

    Strawberry Cafe, Let's Rock!

           Well the cafe name doesn't mean that they only server Strawberry here. But here in Strawberry Cafe, the restaurant are full decorated by the Strawberry plants. A very cheerish and fresh look you can find there and also you can taste the most randomly traditional hand made noodle of Indonesia. The adorable thing is besides you are waiting of your order to be served, they will give you a mini Lego-kind of toy so you can play with your friends instead of feeling boring.

           You can build everything you want, but only as long as you are creative enough to make it lol. And do not assume that it just a game, NO, it is a game of pride! Why? Because you will get punishement if you loose. Well only if you follow the regulation from Strawberry Cafe. The punishement itself could be messed-face-painting or tickling-gangsta or many more depend on the idea. Good thing is Strawberry Cafe will support you to punish the loserrrrr hahahaha.

    This pic taken by

           If you are a birthday boy/girl, you are really should visit Strawberry Cafe because it would become a very memorizing moment! The crew of Strawberry Cafe would really like to make fun of you and trick you in a pleasent way. They will offer you also a birthday hat, balloon, etc. For group of people, Strawberry Cafe will offer you a hats that only lended by them. Very unique typical hat like wizard, hair bob marley, afro, mickey, oh just a lot. It is really a good idea to spend a good time in here.

           Now let's talk about the menu yummmm. The most popular menu is Mie Mbah Jingkrak Pedas. But this is extremely hot! You need to ask the chef to make it a bit softer or sweet if you are not a spicy lover. Overall my score for this restaurant is 8.9 since it is really fun to stay either long or short time. They also offer you a spot for stay a long time like Gaming Spot for those who brings their Laptop, Chitchat Spot for those you are in reunion, etc. The service was good and of course the most important is the food! Indeed, it is delicious too. Very recomended place to go.


    And as you can see, this is a very affordable Restaurant to visited. Enjoy!

    Address Jl. Tj. Duren Raya No.10, Grogol petamburan, West Jakarta

    Contact (021) 56942751

    Gelora Bung Karno, where health and fun are combined

           Yup, the most popular Stadium in Indonesia. Known by GBK which is located in the Central of Jakarta. It is not only a Stadium, but more like a Club's activity place. If you visit GBK on Saturday and Sunday, it is normal to see Skateboard Club attraction, Roller Blade Club attraction, Cheerleader attraction, National Runner Club, Volley Club, Parqour Club, Bicycle Club, and yea! So many more!

           For example "CALISTHENICS INDEPENDENCE", it is a street workout club and free for public. You can join whenever you want and they will welcome you cheerfully. They even got a lose weight program and you won't believe how effective it is until you join them. In fact, many of them succed on loosing weight to their ideal one. Come on, go stalk their squad at Caiden_SW on instagram!

    One of the owner,
           Therefore, some of International groups are there too. The popular one named "Chi". By the name itself, you surely know where does it came from. In Chinesse traditional medical, it is not strange to hear Chi which it means Energy Flow. It is one of the Energy Flow that combined by nature and human's body. We are not sure actually about the activity, but mostly the participant are elderly and they look as if they are in peace lol. But well do not underestimate this Chi group, because the trainer itself came from China! You can google yourself about Chi if you are curious and interested enough. For us which we never try it, it is actually pretty impressive. 

    Gelora Bung Karno Stadium

           So after all, if you want to enter the Stadium then you must pay around Rp 100.000/person alone. But it will be different if you visit in group and of course it will be cheaper. I payed Rp 50.000/person for 12people back then. Well inside the Stadium, you can play Footbal, Sandman Survival, Running, use the long Stick, and so much more. But the tournament of football itself has a very rare schedule that you need to wait their announcement by Internet or their Advertisement.

           However, I really think that the inside of the Stadium is really nice and clean. The wide size is also make us free to do things by our own. But I won't say the outside is worse, in fact I've been enjoying GBK lot of times with my friends and sometimes we joined some of the Club that exist there. And since there were so many renovation there, now GBK also got a GYM tool facilities (body build program). I am very happy with the facilities that provided because it is not only let me build my body without cost, but it also provides a health tools for people that can't pay for GYM Pass.

           Again, it is clean and really good to go inside. For your information, at night you can't visit inside only a few of people. It has a minimum capacity to visit inside. But still, you can feel the tournament moment at night there!

    Kiddies Park at Town

           Well maybe you have kids with your travel. Don't worry, there is PlayParq located at South of Jakarta and actually has branches at Kemang and Epicentrum. This is a large Park that includes a lot of playground that absolutely also an amazing designed park in town.

    One of the owner,

           With Rp 60.000 (Monday - Friday) and Rp 100.000 (Saturday - Sunday), these kiddies can play from water play park, castle park, swing park, indoor plaground, and Oh so many things! Also inside you can find a massage studio and restaurants. So while you see your kiddies play happily, maybe you can relax. There are also an Ice Cream stall that taste also good, I don't know the brand though but  the taste just as delicious as AW's Ice Cream.

           I've been there with my angelic-look little niece and such a good place for kids. It such a pity that I'm a grown up already now since the park really got me into it! And everything just clean, really nice to even laying on the ground for baby photoshoot. In fact I've seen so many kiddies that pictured by their parents while they play around. And one other good thing is, this place is not really crowded. Since the culture of Indonesian kiddies aren't play in the park. That's what keep me peace inside.

    Very recomended playpark to visit!

    Address JL. Bintaro Taman Barat, Kav.10, Bintaro, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta